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Cultural Blueprinting Workshop
January 15, 2014

FamilyCare HealthCenter
Patrick Street Plaza
116 Hills Plaza
Charleston, WV 25387

When someone walks into your place of business, their first impression will be created by the visible architecture.  But their lasting impressions, and what they will tell friends and neighbors, will be shaped by your Invisible Architecture™

The Cultural Blueprinting Toolkit is a structured process that will guide you and your team to create a blueprint for your Invisible Architecture of Core Values (the foundation), Corporate Culture (the superstructure), and Emotional Attitude (the interior). The toolkit focuses on immediate actions to foster a more positive and productive workplace and to establish a sustainable advantage for recruiting and retaining great people and earning the loyalty of devoted customers (and patients in healthcare). 

  • You agree with the statement that culture eats strategy for lunch, but you don’t have a culture plan to reinforce your strategic plan.
  • Your organization’s values, culture, and workplace attitudes are not making a significant contribution to employee engagement and loyalty, and to service quality and customer or satisfaction.
  • You realize that to a large degree your culture today will determine your bottom line two years from now.
  • You appreciate how having a more resilient culture can help you better cope with the uncertainty inherent in today’s turbulent and hypercompetitive healthcare marketplace.
  • You realize that whether it’s implementing electronic health records or a new service line, the greatest challenges are often cultural, not structural or strategic.
  • Your organization could benefit from a top-to-bottom dialog about who you are and what you stand for (and what you won’t stand for).
  • You would like to learn more about best cultural practices from top-performing organizations.
  • You would like to uncover hidden leaders within your organization.
  • You would like to give your people tools and strategies to be more effective in their personal and professional lives while enhancing their commitment to your organization’s values and vision.
To Learn More about How to Use the Cultural Blueprinting Toolkit in Your Organization visit www.culturalblueprint.com and join the WV Value Collaborative Workshop on
January 15, 2014.

Cultural Blueprinting Toolkit
The Cultural Blueprinting Toolkit features a structured and systematic process for cultivating a more positive, productive, and resilient organization.  Using a construction metaphor, we walk your team through a process of developing a plan for the Invisible Architecture of core values, culture, and emotional attitude.  Each of the six modules in this process includes a workbook chapter, a one-hour webinar, downloadable PowerPoint presentation and links to an array of supplemental resources.  The Toolkit will give your team the tools you need to spark a cultural transformation in your organization and the inspiration to use them.
Culture Mechanic Advisory Service
Whether your culture needs a complete overhaul or just a periodic tune-up, a Culture Mechanic subscription will provide you with an ongoing infusion of new tools to add to your Cultural Blueprinting Toolkit.
  • The subscribers-only Culture Mechanic weekly newsletter on cultural best (and worst) practices, real-world observations, practical recommendations, and miscellaneous musings from Chief Culture Mechanic Joe Tye.
  • Every other month you will receive a more comprehensive and in-depth special report, eBook, prerecorded webinar, or other original resource from Values Coach. As a subscriber, you will also be able to submit your requests for topics you would like to see covered in future newsletters and special reports.
  • Periodic teleconference for members that is also recorded and archived where Joe will answer your questions, share stories and ideas from participants, and discuss recent research, stories of success and failures, and his own insights into values and culture.
All resources that you receive from your subscription may be shared with anyone else in your organization. This is the best investment you can make to assure ongoing and sustained progress in your cultural blueprinting efforts.
Workshop Fees:
Values Collaborative Members: 
  • Each Values Collaborative Member organization will receive the Cultural Blueprinting Toolkit and one year subscription to the Cultural Mechanic for no additional charge (a $1,650 value).  Each Values Collaborative Member may send two individuals to the training at no additional cost.  Each additional person can attend for $195/person.
Non-Values Collaborative Members:
  • Purchase the Cultural Blueprinting Toolkit for $195/person.

Registrations are due January 3, 2014

Please click here for the Registration Form.

Please click here for the Cultural Blueprinting Workshop Flyer and here for the Agenda.

For More Information, Contact:
Jennifer Crouch, Executive Assistant
Center for Rural Health Development, Inc
Phone:  304/397-4071   
Click here to email for more information.
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